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Shane Cooper, Founder, President, and Chief Sockologist


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DeFeet has always manufactured it's own products. We've done it in the same factory since 1992. There have been blips when we've had to find ways around that for short periods of time. Like after we lost our entire factory to a fire on September 18, 2001. We had to find a new spot to knit our stuff. It was just one week after 9/11 and we lost everything. So, we found a new home for about a year where we were able to continue knitting and re-build our factory.

DeFeet has been in business for 20 years. During that time, we all witnessed change that took place at a pace that had never been seen before. We were told that the American consumer no longer cared about quality, only price. That they didn't care about the origin of a product. We were told that American manufacturing was dead. We were told that brick and mortar retailing was history. We were told that the sports we loved would not survive the scandals they faced.

It turns out that was all bunk. What is true is that we live in a time when it's easier than ever to start a new brand, manufacture elsewhere, put up a web site and begin selling. At DeFeet, we dream, innovate, and create. What differentiates us to a large degree is how we manufacture. We couldn't make our products as different as we do if we made them on an assembly line where five or ten other brands make their products.

Our designs are ours. That's why we have to make them. That's what we love to do.

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