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About Mills Manufacturing

Mills Manufacturing manufactures parachutes and related components including harnesses and containers as a prime defense contractor to the US Military and more than 65 foreign allies. 

Miltex Industries is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mills Manufacturing and produces braided, nylon parachute cord to be used in our products. Miltex is also a key supplier to other military parachute manufacturers and recently have been increasing our sales as a wholesaler to the commercial market. 

About Miltex Parachute Cord

Miltex's paracord is very popular in the survival and outdoor gear industries and is being used to manufacture gear including bracelets, belts, lanyards and gun slings. Additionally, paracord proves useful in many instances including hiking and camping where it can be substituted for rope as it has a high break strength but is not too heavy to carry. Even astronauts take 550 military spec paracord to space on the odd-but-likely chance it'll come in handy, like in 1997 when they used a 35 foot length of paracord to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. 

Miltex paracord 550 contains 7 core yarns and is manufactured to US Military specifications. You will find our cord is uniform in size and texture throughout your order, unlike many offerings found on the web today. Miltex produces paracord in over 40 colors and we can also provide many custom camo patterns by blending two or more of the stock colors together. 

Miltex also offers paracord 225 which is lighter weight than the 550 cord and has a lower break strength. The paracord 225 is the same sleeve (outer sheath) as the paracord 550 but it has no core yarns inside.


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